How should I dress to church?

You will find a wide variety of dress at Calvary – from suits to jeans, from dressy, to dress casual, and causal. It’s up to you.

How long is the church service?

Approximately 60-75 minutes on Sundays and 45-60 on Wednesday nights.

What is the music like?

We offer a combination of hymns, contemporary and praise and worship music.

What children’s programs are offered?

We offer nursery, pre-school, and elementary children’s ministries that are fun, interactive, and inspirational on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. On Sunday evenings, we have a family atmosphere and like to see the whole family worshiping together in the Sanctuary. The nursery, however, is available at every service.

How do I get connected at Calvary?

We offer a number of opportunities to meet others and to get involved including ministry/volunteer opportunities; Sunday School classes, fellowship meals, afterglow’s and special events. All you have to do is show up, and you will start to meet others and find out a lot more about who we are, what we believe and why we exist in our community.

Are first-time visitor pressured to become members of Calvary?

Can I visit with no obligation? Calvary is a welcoming church community, whether you are visiting for the first time or not. You can take advantage of membership and Bible study classes whenever you want to. There is no obligation to become a member of Calvary.

I do not have a church background and have not lived a moral lifestyle. Will I fit in?

At Calvary, we believe in God’s love for humanity regardless of the past. We believe in His redemptive power to heal and transform broken lives. We also believe in God’s saving grace. At Calvary, you will meet many ‘trophies of grace’ – men and women like you – who came searching and eventually found a place they could call home.

I’m turned off by organized religion. Why would I want to go to come to Calvary?

We are not perfect, but in every way we can we aim to be ambassadors of Christ and His love. The vibrant and loving atmosphere at Calvary will show you that we are not interested in organized religion, but rather in building relationships and godly character. Our worship is soothing yet exciting. The preaching of God’s word is powerful, and the sense of community is real. What is most important to us is the Gospel of Jesus, expressed daily through the lives of members of our congregation.

Is it really necessary to go to church? Why can I not simply pray and meditate on my own?

The vitality of Christianity is experienced in communion with other believers, through meaningful fellowship, vibrant worship and hearing God’s Word preached. We see through life of the apostles and believers in the early Church that Christianity was never a private matter. Rather, it was and still is a communal celebration of God’s love and saving grace. Furthermore, we need the encouragement and fellowship of other believers in our lives to help us remain strong in the Lord. God did not intend for us to fly solo as it makes spiritual survival quite difficult.

Is there really no perfect church? Are there no churches without problems or issues?

Unfortunately, the answer is “No.” All churches will have their aches and pains and their fair share of difficulties. We are imperfect people living in a fallen world, so we should never be surprised when things do not run without some form of conflict. Even Jesus had conflict within his own group of disciples. Remember Peter and how he often seemed to say or do the wrong thing and had to be corrected by Jesus? However, Jesus did not toss him out. Rather He used those times as periods of teaching and learning and Peter became one of the great men of the faith. We also see issues in the church in Paul’s writings and how he had to deal with them. So, do not let imperfections stop you from attending any church. You simply go to church and worship Jesus and let others see Him at work in your life. You can be used by God to show others how we are to live and follow Christ. All churches need those who we can look at and see the Lord Jesus Christ working in their lives. And remember the age old saying, “If you ever find a perfect church, do not go there, or you will ruin it.” A church is a hospital for sinners, not a Country Club for saints.