Your Community Church

We are your community church. We are primarily made up of people who live in South Augusta and understand its needs, both spiritual and physical. We understand life can be tough and that things don’t always go as we would like.  And this is why we are here. We are here to support the people of South Augusta. We have a C.A.R.E. and Street Ministry that helps those in need with food and clothes. We have classes where you can make friends who will care for you. We have fellowship for you, so you will not feel all alone in this world.  We sing together and we pray with and for one another. We study and learn God’s Word together. We seek to make a difference in our community for all. We are not white. We are not black. We are simply family.  We are a family that loves the Lord Jesus Christ and one that knows when we love and support each other as Jesus loves us; we can overcome anything life throws at us. We are your community church, and we are here for you.