What We Would Like To Say vs. Reality

What We Would Like To Say vs. Reality

We would like to say we are a perfect church, but we can’t.

We would like to say you will not find a better church anywhere, but we can’t. We would like to say that everyone who checks us out stays, but we can’t. Let’s face it; our Pastor is flawed. Our members are flawed, and our church is flawed. This is our reality, and we do not deny it. So, what’s the good news about Calvary? Well, the good news is this, if you are a flawed person, you will be comfortable here. Now, please, make no mistake about this, the preaching and teaching challenges us to let go of our flaws and sins, so we can become more like Christ. We all are in different stages of growth in Christ, and some people’s flaws are more obvious while others just hide them better than we do. No matter where you are in your flawed life, we love you, and we are here for you. We have a place for you at Calvary and a place for you to serve. Just come as you are, relax, and give us a chance to get to know you. Maybe you will want to be a part of less than perfect church or maybe not. No matter the case, you are always welcome here, and we will love you. Why? Because you matter to us!

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God Bless!

Pastor Dwayne Carter, Th D.



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